You know how many folks aren't wearing masks. All up and around Trimet. Walking by the park, it's like party central and mask free, kids running a muck. There was a guy at the grocery store at the entrance reminding folks about masks, but you know what, on the inside some folks gallavanting around in daisies and lavender field, maskless, yet must go shopping. It's all leisure business now with absolutely no business in public but for being bored at home. I mean, what gives? It seems essentially a topic of function versus aesthetics. So some folks won't wear them because they don't think they can help reduce transmission? Well, you wear jackets for cold and rain. You wear hats and sunglasses for shade. I mean, you wear clothes, you get a tattoo, you have certain facial hair. But this becomes a vanity for most of these folks that refuse to wear them. So then masks ties into aesthetics so get your favorite sports team or some skull, or meme statement mask. If it's a breathing issue, the mask can be taken off when appropriate. It's this simple gesture of not wearing masks that proves to me time and time again that humanity sucks. We are not in this together. It's purely a selfish, ignorant, and unjust reason to ignore the mask. You don't have them? Well, Trimet is providing thousands of them daily that are being littered all over the streets sometimes without being worn. I mean, I don't whether to be disgusted, angry, or indifferent. No shirt, no shoes, no service!