An overweight man gets on, huffing and puffing. His mask is like how geniuses do it. Like it shows you pretend to care but also so off the cuff that you forget to use it for its purpose. Like to wear your mask around your neck, nose and mouth exposed. I don't know if this is pandemic talking or I'd normally feel anxiety? Of course, dudes gotta sit close to me. I keep thinking, huffing and puffing. Some liquid is leaking out his backpack. So he moves to sit right next to me, ignoring and oblivious to all signs. Some liquid is still leaking out his backpack. I guess his intelligence thought moving would stop leaking. He goes to get paper towels. A caring citizen. He wipes the 2 seats, but the ground is too low for his belly to bend. Tosses the garbage then sanitizes his hand. I forgot to tell you he had a 2 liter DIET Sprite open in his hand the entire time with the cap in his other hand. Mask still hanging off his neck, he starts to leave touching touch points on the way out. Purpose defeated with the disinfecting. Before he leaves, puts his bag on the ground to check what's leaking. He doesnt have time so he rushes out the door with his bag open. Timing is everything. In a pandemic or not. It is still comedy but in a moronic way. No wonder we are fucked as a society.