How do you not know at this point? How do you walk up to Trimet and not know?
Btw, the Trimet provided masks are about 23 bucks a box. How does that compute for budget!
Think about that.
You exercise, though it's not helping for some of you, for a reason right?
Just fucking do it.
Btw, mask around your neck guy. When you came up to ask me a question if we have a product, your mask wasn't covering your nose or mouth, just to let you know. Although you came right up face to face to ask me. I didn't wanna be that overly paranoid person stepping back but I should've. How do you not know?
Btw, you group of 4 dudes shopping. Only one of you was actually shopping. The rest of you tagging along and bored. Morale support? Were you cheering your buddy? How do you not get it!