Work is 9 miles as the crow flies. 18 miles by car, mostly highway. I've driven like I was told, 5 miles+ over the speed limit, pass on the left, herd mentality catch up to the cars in front of you, drive with the flow of traffic. I get home 3-5 minutes faster. I understand my lizard brain getting acclimated to a faster pace means if I drive slower, I will get impatient, maybe even angry. Mostly it is the sloping brow, the knuckle dragger who honks, or speeds up and drives around me aggressively, cutting around my car very close but for no other reason than to add a silent 'fuck you.' as they flip me off. I'm curious more than angry. Why must you speed up to get to the red light? Or speed up around me to hit your brakes, to catch up to stopped traffic? Why speed up around me only to ride your brakes around the on/off ramp? Your fuel consumption is lousy, the wear and tear on your breaks and engine is needless. I'm baffled that you think you're a good driver. You can't grasp simple mathematical concepts of speed, distance and time. You're a fucking moron, sadly this is most of the population. Before you leave a comment contesting this, think about when a slow driver lost their shit and started screaming or had a 'road rage' incident. Who else gets impatient and throws a temper tantrum? Whiny brats and fucking children, because they don't have the mental facilities and discipline to use their fucking brain. Frightening, most adults are just old children behind tons of steel trying to get somewhere 3-5 minutes faster. Like that red light up ahead as I coast to a stop right next to your stupid ass!