Sometimes I see nails and screws on the road, and I just look at them, hoping they'll end up in a tire. I make no effort to kick it off the road or pick it up. I may have had this consideration at one time in my life. When your world is walking and public transportation every where you go, sometimes carrying heavy groceries, I kinda give zero fucks about people in cars. Their cars that are speeding, plain loud, zero regard for my safety walking on the dirt because there is no sidewalk. I was with a friend driving once who swerved a tiny bit to some teens he thought was walking too much on the road. This happens. I probably care more for their inanimate object car more than the person, actually. See, people in cars give zero fucks about me in a crosswalk with the right of way as they're turning right. They give zero fucks about me crossing a street or walking in a parking lot, zooming by, ripping a turn to get ahead of me instead of waiting a minute for me to walk across. Why would I care about you?