Now there's viral videos of adults throwing hissy fits and angry tirade tantrums for not wearing a mask. Some getting fired from their job for being bezerko. I'm walking around to work or my essential business and maybe half are maskless. I'm guessing going for a walk or run, or sit in the park. But the sitting in the park? It is summer. It is sunny. I guess that means ladedadeda, who cares. It feels like it comes down to a basic doing the right thing whether you think it wrong. I've heard I don't believe in em. For medical reasons, which this one is a total cop out. More so, first ammendment, civil rights and constitutional freedoms is a complete lame excuse. I don't even know what that's supposed to me. I don't get it. You always hear when someone else is sick, they say, don't get me sick. It's never anything like, I don't care. Or I also heard, I just wanna get coronavirus to see what it's like. So what's the difference, you don't wanna get sick normally, and do everything possible to be preventative. You get flu shots. Sick people tell other non sick people I'm sick so stay away. I dont get the difference now. I start thinking it comes down to maskless have noone else in life to care for. I also do like walking on the sidewalk and crossing with a maskless then completely swerving onto the street. It's just not a complicated subject but it's a huge debate between pro, con, right, wrong.