March 2, 2020 White House Situation Room, President Donald Trump:
“Fellow Citizens, the Covid-19 flu is worse than I originally expected. I am therefore ordering the following: I call on American manufacturing to produce 1 billion face masks within a month, along with 10 million hospital quality ventilators. I’m asking all Americans to follow CDC guidelines for physical distancing, and wearing a mask, which I will also begin doing at the conclusion of this address. I am recommending non-essential businesses to close. State government will make those decisions. This will likely result in some job layoffs which I believe will be temporary. I call on Congress to produce monetary relief for all those affected.
I will keep you updated in the coming days, and we will get through this together. Goodnight.”
November 2,2020 CNN Center Anderson Cooper. “Despite being Impeached, a soft recession that resulted in a high of 6 percent unemployment, and a flu epidemic which claimed the lives of nearly 2500 mostly elderly Americans, CNN projects President Donald Trump will be re- elected with 290 electoral votes.”