When the shut down hit, I watched all the movies from the library I had. It was a bunch of em i had to catch up on. I only have library resources, no netflix, TV, or cable, or whatever else there is I don't even know. Then i discovered youtube's free movies. I was excited and grooving along to that for a while. Then I started getting bored. I'd spend more time trying to find a good movie to watch than actually watching one because I didn't want to start a movie i couldn't finish. I always feel I gotta watch the whole movie even if I'm not into it. Then I watched a video of what movie platforms are out there. I learned of Tubi. OMMFG. Sure, a ton of "B" movies, but sometimes I could watch b movies all day long. It saves your watch history, and will continue like all your history of 50 movies where you left off. WTH. Then you can save your lists of movies you wanna watch. The only down side is you can't watch a whole queue of selected movies. It will play on and on though when one movie ends another similar computer generated selection will begin. So many movies. Many movies I've never ever ever or would ever hear about. How does it work? How do they make money?