When someone talks about the life of someone else dear to them that has died young and in a tragic way, they always say something like "she'll never see me graduate, have children and get married." Are these the only milestones and goals to life? Last time I worked full time for one business alone has been a while. It's a bunch of PT jobs now where I at least feel like I control my schedule. I may not get benefits, as I hear it so much revered by many, to work a full time job, to get benefits and save for retirement. Boy, those thoughts dont enter my brain even at an older age. It's all a trap. To be stuck in something you can't get out of. To belong to where they make you buy certain attire, do things you wouldn't otherwise do, and behave a certain way is such fake bullshit. I look around at unhappy workers climbing up some mountaintop they'll never get to. A branch manager getting gussied up because "corporate" is coming is such bullshit. An average day is 12 hours, then let's say you sleep for 6, and have 6 hrs free time. To do what? Rest your feet, take care of your back, and do every other damn thing you never have time for. This is considering you don't have a family either. I wanna be happy. I can leave any job faster than I start it. I don't have to pretend to be something I'm not. I have no responsibility feeling like I'm owned by a company. Also, drug tests, come on now. Judge Judy knows, "the older I get, the more money I make for the less I do." Everyone's working just to get off.