when I first aged out of fostercare, I was lucky to qualify for public housing. I had had my first child too. Were it not for housing I would have been the majority statistic of my peers living on the street or ending up in jail, or maybe even dead. I was content working minimum wage jobs, always just under the resource limit for government assistance. I was happy to collect food stamps and paid for childcare, until the recession happened and childcare aid was taken because I only worked a part time job. Then I just collected cash assistance and paid 30 bucks a month for rent every month for years. Until I finally decided to go to college, on a path to gain employment that would pay me enough to move out of housing and off of assistance.
I was almost there, until this virus came around, and even with high likelihood for most people to not die from it, the response has been to close schools.
So, I guess I'll just stay in housing, pay 30 bucks on rent every month and keep collecting government assistance?
Nice going people, what a way to help families in poverty NOT have a chance to climb out.