Anytime a bus driver doesn't lower the bus for me, he receives zero acknowledgement. No thanks. No hello. I just look the other way. Because I look able, doesn't mean it's easy to get up the bus that's 3 feet from the ground. What does that have to do with mask eyes? Nothing.
But this does. So if you're one that wears a mask and gives a shit, all there is is to look at eyeballs. I always think there's nothing friendly behind in those eyes. All you see now are eyeballs. Menacing stares. How to show a smile? How to say hello? What's worse is riding the max. The configuration is that of seats facing each other and nothing but eyeballs looking right at each other. So fucking annoying and awkward.
Then you have the shit careless fuck behind me devouring his food and yelling shit I hear through my music. Fuck going anywhere. If my mouth said what I think, I'd be a murderer. The middle finger. I called a dude with his 2 bags of cans on the platform, smoking so clearly maskless, an idiot. I got the middle finger. Ouch. That hurts.