Why we don't like you, customer.
You're always getting in the way.
You have no regard to where you leave your cart and when you're in a rush, we better get out of the way and be courteous to you.
Your business is somehow more important than ours yet ours is gonna be the one that's gonna provide for you.
You always disorganize sometimes knowingly what we organize. Then you leave shit you don't want but grabbed in the first place wherever that fuck place happens to be where you realize you don't want something anymore.
You sometimes open individual unit boxes to see if it's the right product for you. So you know, the product is not able to be sold at this point.
It is the right product, you opened the box, but you'll grab a new box. No one else wants the one you manhandled because they think something is wrong with it.
You ask questions you already know answers to, which is right in front of your face.
Consumerism is an endless cycle death.