I went down that rabbit hole of youtube "mask freakouts." It led me to public freakouts, most of them of current. First, people are insanely deranged, nutcases, angry adult, whining babies. On both sides. Words spewed about all the topics Mercury will not publish. Viewpoints so delusional to have any logical reason. The one I'm trying to understand a lot these days is freedom, civil liberties and amendment rights. Well, I'll be honest, I don't know what that means but I know it was written a long time ago when life was different and masks were likely not an issue. Then the medical issue. So, please stay home so you don't get yourself killed. The side usually in refusal would have every come back and response for everything, no matter how misinformed, inaccurate, ridiculously absurd or false it is. You cannot argue. Their foot is so planted in the ground that there is no reason but a max grand stance for being right. Usually the one that's doing the video is the one trying to push buttons, even though they were sorta wrong, even though the person being videoed is being proved to be having a public freakout. Both sides really have no case. It's just a war on semantics no one wins. It is not a wonder why America is so fucked and divided. This led me to what by all appearances is a current Portland Youtuber who has many followers that agree with him. If you know this guy, he seems to be a punk instigator looking for a fight. Apparently, he may have current lawsuits ongoing with Trimet. Lastly, how do these fucking losers have time to argue for as long as they do?