they gave us $600 weekly extra UI benefits. why? to avoid a worse disaster and while its been amazing it hasn't been enough.
its so unfair though that those that are working are not receiving financial support..that they're making less than those staying at home.
they deserve it. everyone deserves this financial security.

i want a basic income. the proposals of $2000 monthly would be really good.
itd prevent the 24 M evictions coming.
itd recognize that everyone needs financial support.
itd create a floor of financial security.

and of fucking course we can afford it cuz we give over a TRILLION to the banks.

but our community needs to learn to ask for this. theres so much shame in demanding we end poverty bc poverty and seeing houselessness is reinforced that it is shame and blame on your own actions for ending up there.

in the wealthiest country...this is the choice of our system though.
we must demand for better.

basic income would pay for rent, keep the economy going, provide bargaining power for workers, support parents that have to teach their kids, support small businesses.
its DIRECT cash so its ability to support whatever scenario one needs is endless.

we need it.
we really really really need it.