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Excellent Post, I,A!

Speaking of trumpf
the Disappearing of Citizens
and Fascism
this, from the nyt::
One comment on the article:

"Trump’s Occupation of American Cities Has Begun

Protesters are being snatched from the streets without warrants. Can we call it fascism yet?" By Michelle Goldberg.

I live in downtown Portland, not far from the federal building where the protesters congregate. Our city is not "under siege" by radicals by any stretch of the imagination, as Trump and Fox News want people to believe.

You can walk anywhere today in downtown Portland and barely realize that protests are happening here.

The majority of protesters are peaceful advocates for the Black Lives Matter movement.

A handful of more radical activists (mostly white youngsters) stay near the federal building late at night, spraying graffiti and lobbing items such as water bottles at the police.

This is limited to fewer than 100 activists in a one square block radius and only after midnight. The protests were in fact winding down, until Trump decided to send in his federal thugs to commit violence and whip up hysteria for his base.

Like all authoritarians, Trump is the one trying to create an enemy for people to fear.
--Michael; Portland, OR 7/20/2020



And yep, Michelle, we CAN call it what it IS:

It's a damn fine Distraction from Fake "prez's"
criminally-negligent mishandling of the trumpf Pandemic.

He's gotta take it out on Somebody.
Why not Portland?

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