I managed to yelp, “Sorry” as I ran too close to you on a tight path in the park, narrowly avoiding you by far less than 6 feet. You were rightfully surprised by my sudden intrusion into your personal space, and screamed, “Maintain a fucking safe distance, asshole!” as I ran past you. I stopped and turned around, shocked that my apology had fallen on deaf ears. As we both masked up, you continued to yell about how inconsiderate I was, until finally, I couldn’t control myself anymore and called you a Karen.

That shut you up immediately. For fear of public shaming, I bet, though I don’t know for sure. Your comments were never racist, but your entitled, overly aggressive, and confrontational behavior seem to fit the Karen archetype.

And for a brief moment, I felt a certain sense of power overcome me, erasing all the painful moments of being a minority in this country. So thanks, Karen. You made my day.