I agree - the protests are about the abuse of power being exercised by Trump and his goons and EVERYONE needs to be invested in that. Trump chose Portland on purpose. By choosing to attack an almost entirely white city, he and the feds can claim this is not a racist attack against Black Lives Matter protesters. The media can tell stories about how the Black Lives Matter protests have been hijacked by white people who don't give a shit about BLM (not true).

And fed goons who have no right to go out into the streets of Portland (who are supposedly here to guard the federal courthouse - why? is it made of gold?) and gas and assault and terrorize people exercising their First Amendment Rights can keep on doing what they are doing because no one is stopping them (though the protesters out there late at night are trying to stop them, to get them to leave or to go to far). They physically assaulted a Vietnam Vet by pepper spraying him in the face, they cause brain damage in a young man they shot in the head, and they forcibly and brutally assaulted two women, bloodying them on the streets before "arresting" them. Imagine what they are doing in private.

They are untrained, ill equipped, have no idea how to do what they have been sent here to do, are harming people, are committing human rights violations (by both national and international standards) and now that Trump has made it clear he intends to keep them here until the end of October, it is guaranteed they will murder someone before this over. Anyone, ANY GOD DAMN ONE supporting this bullshit is not in support of this country. Anyone supporting this is support of a military/police state being run by a demented, delusional, dangerous dumb ass and his sycophantic minions. Notice the usually ever screaming whining white boy bitches and their guns ARE ABSOLUTELY SILENT AND NOWHERE TO BE SEEN.


So true, Christina Rae. All of it.


it's about Class
or the lack* of
belonging to
the Right

@2 -- that grrrl ROX

*when MLK joined up with the garbage workers and was gonna head to DC to shout his/their Truth is when they shot him. The Rich cannot Afford social Justice.

That's why there's so many working for Free in our for-Profit prisons.

Unbridled Capitalism devours Itself.
ask Boeing.

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