Do not know what it is about connotations. They're never positive. I used to work with a guy who would hide his cigarette use while he was at work. It didn't matter if he was in designated smoking area but anyone walking by, he would hide the cigarette from being seen. I guess if you smoke you must be a gross, yellow, smelly gambling alcoholic right? I know this would speak more towards his courteous personality. In further thought though, what implications go along with pot or alcohol? There's a crowd I knew we would never spark up around our friend's children. Respectful or paranoid, but at that point, if our friends are bringing their kids to pot friendly functions, what does it matter? It's a peaceful gathering of music, NWSS, country fair folks. Alcohol, oh no, must be a drunk. I hear coworkers all the time saying I need a drink. I need a shot. Must be an alchi? Everything in moderation including moderation? Everything can be addictive. Coffee, food. I guess I never hear someone say he eats too much, he smells like meat. He's disgusting. Well, I have heard you smell like beef so nevermind. But so what? Live your life. Be you, until you see whatever you do as a problem for you.