You have been such a kind-hearted soul, for looking in on and helping my brother, when no other neighbor will. I know the others in your complex have looked down on him ever since he battled his addiction when he moved in, they ignore him and he hears the whispering of disapproval of everyone, as he tries to hold his head up. You have always made sure he doesn’t go hungry, he tells me about the plates of home cooked food you bring him, of you running errands when he cannot walk, of you always taking his phone calls no matter the hour, and that he always has something in his fridge and supplies for his cat. He has many ailments both physical and mental, and even during this pandemic, you still help him. These little things you do when our family can’t be there right away, don’t go unnoticed. You’ve helped restore his hope and helped his esteem that he knows someone close by, cares. Thanks for all you do, you’ll get what is owed to you in spades sometime soon, I promise.