You describe yourself as “accomplished” even though you’ve been fired from the past two jobs and have remained unemployed for the past TWO years during which time you collected unemployment (while living rent-free thanks to your elderly boyfriend).

While millions of families struggle to stay afloat amid this pandemic, you tried AGAIN to collect unemployment. Even after providing you with job leads, there’s always an objection such as “I don’t want to work that hard” or my favorite - “it’s not a priority.” At each interaction, you take every opportunity to make fun of others and dole out condescending put-downs. And you have the audacity to make fun of my six-figure career?

I’m done being your “friend” and our next get together will be so special it may be very uncomfortable for you.

In the meantime, enjoy the food boxes, hand me downs and hot dogs. Oh and good luck paying back that student loan. ;-)

Bye, Felicia.