I already don't wanna talk to you because of your arrogant attitude. I just started working with you, not necessarily you personally but we work the same company. We never say hello that's not because I don't do that to everyone else, it's because it's the way you carry yourself. Btw, have you ever noticed a lot of people do not say hello or how's it going to one another? It's a little weird. It sets up the precedant for saying I don't wanna talk to you. It's also this polite cordialness of greetings that we lack in society. I'll never have anything I wanna communicate to you because you're just not friendly. It shows. You're I'm better and smarter than you attitude. There's a certain spirit about some souls where they seem tormented, unapproachable, and a drag to be around. Like there's no light, positivity, or joy surrounding you. You're one. A lot of people are not Hello people anyway.
But I merely asked you for help. Sorry if we're both wearing masks, except your mask ain't covering your ears.
Sorry if it's loud in here.
I said what I could as loud as I could.
But no need for you to say, "I didn't hear a word you said," as if it's my problem.
A lot of people are assholes when they can't hear someone, like it's the other person who isn't speaking loud enough.
Maybe you're in your own head.
Maybe you're deafer than you think.
Maybe try being polite.
Phrases like repeat that. Say again. I'm sorry, I didn't get that.
But hey, it's all good. I'll never ask you for help again. This relationship is what it will always be with you anyway.