I'm at the back bus, by myself. Enjoying the ride.
There's a new driver switch out. She comes on and starts closing all the windows. Why were they open to begin with? Why is she closing them? Who knows? I do not care.
She gets to me, and says, "put your mask over your nose."
I say, "I'm trying not to fog up my glasses."
She says, "take em off for a while."
I'm thinking take what off, then said, "gimme a break. I see people all the time no masks."
I'm not the one you need to talk to lady, remind, or tell me how I should wear a mask. I'm compliant and respectful of it all.
As I'm getting off, I thought about saying, "I hope you're telling everyone who rides with you to wear a mask when they aren't." I also thought about telling her if she's so Miss Proper Panty Pam, why did she drop us off at somewhere different than what the service alert says because of reroutes. Yes that one, where drivers miss the memo's and go wherever they want. So Proper Pam, what next? You gonna tell use hand sanitizer after I touch the door?