“How the hell do you think those European mfs got shit like four day work weeks, family leave, and long stretches of paid vacation?”

We’re Americans.
Rugged Individualists &
We don’t Need no stinkin’ Benefits.
Don't come hard at us with your Socialism

Remember: ‘Essential’ means Disposable.

“If they're going to call us essential,
we can demand they treat us like it,
or watch how bad things get when
we all decide we've had enough.”

Do you play* Football?
Then you don’t count.

*College or professional
Or just Sports, in general
(where the Goal is to make
A lotta Money for the school
Or the Owner when they Sell you
To the next MultiBillionaire or -airess).


Unions were formed and maintained - including standing up to federal artillery not unlike the troops sent in to quash BLM protesters - because the alternative was worse.

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