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@2 they said “white” entitlement.


Do they think the squirrels read Cantonese? #biggestNutThievesAround


The “Taste of Home” has pretty delicious hazelnut recipes. Circle back and let us know how the baking goes!


In most cities, the right of way (parking strip) allows only a fairly narrow list of street trees to be planted. Sometimes they are just straggly grass; often they are just a dispiriting waste of space. However, this is not a vigorously enforced ordinance, so a few people put in the hard work to plant garden, fruit or ornamental plants that bring more to our city landscapes. In this case, the hazelnuts are probably not legal, but are probably a creative, more sustainable tree choice. At a minimum, the owner would have had to water the trees and prune them for years before cropping, and then spray them annually to keep them from being diseased or worm-ridden. So, while it is true that the homeowner cannot really call the police on assholes raiding the tree, there is a difference between, say, just grabbing a single apple on your walk (which is generally supported by case law) versus stripping the tree, which is what the owner is trying to prevent with their signage.

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