So I went walking and came upon a cave of sunflowers, as taller than 6 ft., and I don't know if you've ever looked at those sunny faces when they're as round and big as my own face, but man, what a trip to look at right around dusk. What a trip. Stoned part 1.
Stoned part 2, then I noticed how they were different heights but then noticed how each of them were facing a different direction and then depending on the direction, the colors of the rays and disks were either more yellow or brown but each one different depending on which sun they were getting. That's a trip too. Really trippy.
So I took a picture and as I'm taking a picture I see a couple walking towards me, but I saw when I took the picture the guy didn't have his mask on, but then as I passed them his mask was on. So the question I formed was did he put his mask because he didn't want to be seen in the picture or because he was being respectful as we passed? I'll never know. There could be a third scenario where I don't know what I saw when I saw him then what I think I saw.
Stoned part 3. That was fun.