I have no money. my unemployment has been a 5 month nightmare and I am still fighting to get any help. I'm drowning in the call-waiting music only to be hung up on because they are "triage-ing calls", only to send me an email 5 minutes later "We reset your password!" not helpful. not why I was calling. that does *nothing* for me but thanks for wasting another 7 hours of my day. I get excited about progress and think i'm there but the bottom always falls out. I cry myself to sleep and wake up in a panic every day. and then i start dialing. again.

and all this? this is not regarding the virus or the threat of death or the global trauma we are all going through. this is because a system in my state is functioning poorly. it's that simple. my entire life hangs in the balance of shitty waiting music.i'm scared all the time over shit i should not be focused one. i know it can't be just me trudging through.
i just really need this shit to get figured out.

i feel sick all the time and i don't even have the virus.

5 months of a nightmare.
unprecedented times? ya, you could say that.