With some coworkers, there's no way to explain that I am involved with music and art. There is no living, otherwise, it be happening. They just wouldn't get that lifestyle. It's not a hobby either. Basically being an artist and musician which is something I don't profess to anyone anyway. It's just sometimes not worth explaining. The same as I would not understand anything about video games or hunting, but I'd maybe try to show some interest. Maybe. We were talking about him being a father so I mentioned Jimmy Kimmel's Fathers Day challenges. Funny shit. He goes "I dont watch TV." Okay, not the point and neither do I. Why the bravado as if anyone who watches TV is inferior?
Talking to another coworker about the book he was reading, "The Subtle Art of Not Gving a Fuck." Is it good, I asked. "I've been learning to not give a fuck my senior year of high school." I have a hard time reading these days, I said. "ADD." I can focus I said. "You gotta make some sacrifices my man." It's just not in the timeline with my other disciplines. "Yeah, I'm try to stay off my phone." This is my first smart phone a year ago, I said. I'd rather draw or write in a book. "Ah journaling." Why is there this level of intellectualism that if you read, you're smarter?
I asked another guy if he knows what the Karen meme means. I'd never heard of it. He says, "I don't pay attention to that stuff." These statements made with arrogance but mostly don't you wanna expand your mind and learn something you dont know?
No one at work knows anything about me, but I feel like I know all about them.