I am aghast at all the shattered glass I've seen on the streets of late, as a cyclist it is one thing that gives me a surge of anxiety knowing that one of those lil tiny pieces will burrow and lodge itself into my tire, and perhaps finally pierce my tube at a possibly fatal moment... like, fuck... I gotta manouver with cars and yet stay away from these fucking shards that are typically within the perimeter of the BIKE lane, because not only is it expensive to replace tubes and tires and patch shit, it's also as I said potentially fatal because my tire can go pop going down hill and fucking shoot me into the street.... now, I get the whole rioting thing, whether it's breaking windows, throwing bottles at police, or simply some impoverished person breaking a window to pay for whatever.... and I get that people are drinking more, not giving a shit about everything, during the pandemic... but I might as well bring a push broom with me every time I go downtown. Fuck...!