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Thank you. As a 28 year retired letter carrier, I am appalled, but not surprised, by Trump’s attack on the Post Office. Further proof he will do ANYTHING to get re-elected. Please vote in November.


It is not the postal workers who are the problem. The criminal put in charge by the criminal in charge is destroying the post office beyond anything the postal workers are able to overcome. He is removing mail sorting machines. He is changing schedules so mail is sorted at the end of the day and not the beginning (and no the USPS will not be doling out overtime for mail sorting). He is literally making it impossible for postal workers to do their jobs. There are photos of mail boxes being removed from neighborhoods in Portland (so imagine what is happening nationwide).

One bright spot? Florida has been given approval by the criminal in charge as A-OKAY for vote by mail. He even requested his ballot (fucking asshole). What he may not know yet, about 300,000 more Democrats than Republicans have already cast their votes by mail. Womp Womp. Shit bag is going to turn Florida TRUE BLUE.

The states like Oregon that have been voting by mail for decades, that most likely have contingency plans in place to ensure all votes are counted are hopefully going to be okay. People who are used to voting by mail are going to cast their ballots as soon as they get them and dropping them off at ballot boxes circumvents the USPS.

It's the rest of the country we have to worry about.

Trump WILL do anything to destroy this country. It is clear that Congress will not stop him. We the People must stop him.


What Christina Rae said. Can't improve on that.

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