Hurray for me. I just retired from the bus company after 30 years. I worked security, which mostly means I worked in an office, watching a computer screen. And no NDA with the big TM. So I can tell you a little secret about riding the city bus.
All the deep state stuff is mostly conspiracy-kook bullshit, except for this part, Criminal:
When you board a bus and don’t pay, the driver records it. The camera takes your picture, digitizes it with simple facial recognition software, and at the end of the day all those photos, system wide, are downloaded to Homeland Security, ICE, FBI, even the locals. The same thing happens at the grocery store, Home Depot, etc. That was my job, a few keystrokes.
They don’t care a about your cheated bus fare, of course, any more than they care about your shoplifted Twinkies. But your image is stored, forever, saved for the time you hit the big time, and do something, something bigger, that they do care about.
There’s a saying in law enforcement that all criminals graduate into bigger crimes. Capital crimes, felonies. Did you get enough schoolin’ to spell “p-r-i-s-o-n”? Can you visualize anal rape?
Don’t like that kind of talk, Criminal? Then do yourself a favor and stay out of the data banks. Pay for your bus ride and pay for your Twinkies.