I've always been the pessimistic type, I've always planned on the worst that could happen, even when I was a little kid I was this way, but I do also hold onto hope in times of crisis, its a skill I use to get through hard times and its helped me survive many things. With that said, for a time I held onto hope that things would get better and we'd all get past this pandemic, but now I'm just thinking of the worst possible scenario. Im thinking there will never be a vaccine, schools will never open, the postal service will be obliterated and instead of democracy we will have the 2020 version of Nazi Germany. While everyones at home, it would be easy for all of us to be rounded up in the dead of night and killed off, labelled as covid deaths.
In my hopeful mind though, a vaccine will surface and schools will open again. But that hope feels so unrealistic, its more logical to expect the worst, because then atleast your hopes arent let down.