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Do everything you can to hold on to the thought that you will make it through this. Consider every day that you successfully make it through and every morning you wake up a win, an active act of resistance.

If you are in any way able to seek out and find mental health help, do it. If you can't pay for it there are a lot of resources online. I have taken advantage of them myself (reading about coping skills, resilience, anything and everything that might help me get through the day and putting it into action). Everyone has different coping mechanisms. Some ideas: cleaning and organizing your living space; exercising, sleeping, cooking, reading, learning, listening to music, meditating, taking long baths, keeping a gratitude journal about things you are grateful for no matter how small or how repetitive (one's morning cup of coffee, for example), writing letters, making art, etc.

If you are in any way to help others, do it. Helping others in times of crisis allows you to feel empowered and helping others helps you as much as it helps the people you are helping. Again, this can be anything from helping a neighbor who might need help, to making donations, to volunteering, to writing letters to lonely people (love4theelderly is a good one), to taking an active approach in making your voice heard by writing to your representatives in local, state, and federal offices, writing letters to the editor of your local newspapers, making phone calls encouraging people to register to vote, etc.

This is definitely a horrifying and depressing time and you are not alone in how you feel. We have to do everything we can do to survive this insanity. That is why it is more important than ever for us to band together and help each other through this.


When you consider social media and the way the controlling interests have demonstrated a remarkably welcoming home to fascist postings in favor of the illegal regime in the white house, then you can understand the clear and present danger to "us."

Facebook (et.al.) have all the data they need to identify "us" as "threats" - the LGBTQ Community can easily be identified and isolated. I wish this was paranoid thinking, but it's sadly realistic.

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