I think I've read that being a white person and hating that your white is called white shame. Ive hated being white since I was little when my now dead father would alaays say racial slurs about non White people. He told me if I ever had non white children that he'd disown me, to which I replied Id make sure my children were by a non white man. And thank God my children are Brown. I gusss it is white shame? Or more just anger. I hate the history of what many white people have done in the past and present to Native American, Hispanic, Black, Asian and all other races. Its a mark of shame I hold.
You know, as a youth I was bullied in school. I was well known for my art, but mostly because I was poor and never had nice clothes to wear. I was made fun of by alot of kids, but I was never angry at the non white kids that bullied me because I knew they had a reason to hate white people.
See the difference between a racist white and a "racist," Black person is that white racism is fueled in superiority where as non white prejudice is caused from generational truama.
I wish I wasn't who I am. Atleast my children are not full white. Im glad I've broken my lineage up.
BLM, AIM, MMIW, METOO let's all stand together.