I, Anonymous Aug 17, 2020 at 9:21 pm



For clarification purposes, you are a non Black person who married a Black person to spite your racist father and are now speaking on behalf of an entire race? C’mon mannnnnn/personnnnn.


Read Stamped from the Beginning by Ibram X Kendi and learn the history of racism in the United States to understand why this country is as fucked up and racist as it is (it is its very foundation).

Then read How to be an Antiracist by Ibram X Kendi. It addresses your concerns and explains in detail how people of all colors can be racist, but it is racist policies that are the problem. If you hate that you are white and you have shame about that, well that is a personal problem. There is no such thing as White pride though - other than White Supremacist Terrorist pride like that exemplified by Trump and everyone who supports Trump.

I am white and I despise this country's relentless racist violence against Black people and all other non-whites - in policy and practice. I am sick to fucking death of white people calling the police on Black people and other non-white people for simply existing. I am sick to fucking death of racist white people murdering Black people and all other non-white people. I am sick to fucking death of all of the policies in place that ensure the shittiest human on the face of the earth with a white ass gets more in life than anyone Black or non-white. I am sick to fucking death of all of the racist white people in this country and all of the bullshit they engage in on a daily basis from temper tantrums to mass shootings to robbing the country blind (while pretending to be representatives of the people). I am sick to fucking death of racist white people in general.

I do not have shame about being white. I use my white skin and the privilege it provides me to learn and to help fight racist policies that harm Black and other non-white people. It is ONLY when white people refuse to engage in the systemic white supremacist terrorism of this country will racist policies be dismantled and destroyed and every person truly treated equally as human beings and not sorted out and put into a hierarchy of importance by race (and class and sex).


@bearcat you give away your closet racism by jumping all over her and accusing her of speaking for an entire race. She did no such thing. She spoke candidly about her own personal experience with eloquence, grace and humilty. Something you clearly couldn't do even if there was a gun to your head.

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