A one time $500 relief grant being served by the state on a "first come, first serve" applicant basis aimed towards people that have been left without ANY financial assistance since March is almost torture.

In the Oregonian it quoted that the state didn't think that the $35 M would run out.
It lasted 2.5 days.

Are they that out of touch with how much money it takes to live because they're so comfortable with their job security?
Are they incapable of doing basic math?
Are they just that cruel that they threw the people of Oregon a crumb?

My heart goes out to the person who desperately needs it and never got word that this was available, and now it's too late.
My heart goes out to the person who stayed in line for hours only to be denied.
My heart goes out to the person who received it, but still won't make rent, and is likely to get evicted after September.

Where is your heart government?

This is why we need a basic income.
Everyone during this pandemic needs financial security.
I'm actually quite disappointed that our congress members have not supported this more heavily. Blumenauer and Bonamici both co-sponsored a bill for $2000 Monthly Payments to people making under $140k, but I guess their little signatures we're good enough. This isn't business as usual, and when will our government officials realize that.

This is insanity and I am so sorry to all the people who have been let down yet again.