So you wanna ride two stops?
And you wanna bargain to not pay?
I've been cheap before.
These are hard times sure.
You're out of work?
Have you no assistance?
Okay that excuses you from paying for anything right?
Are you able to eat?
Doesnt look like you're starving.
It's just 2 stops!
Well walk then.

Then you with your Steel Reserve without a mask, of course.
All is hunky dory. Look at you right. All is right, copacetic, no problems, living life.
Bold, against the system.
Theres millions like this everywhere. I cant imagine why theres so much bullshit going on.
No wonder noone can care for anyone else. They cant even care about themselves.
You're right when you're wrong. You're a Karen or Chad when you do, or dont.