I heard a coworker talking to someone close to him. It was very dismissive. I heard another coworker talking to their kids. That was one of power and obey, I'm the boss voice. It says a lot for how they treat someone close to them.
Sometimes when I watch actors dance, I don't think that is how they dance act. I think that's how they really dance. I think you can tell a lot about a person by how they dance. I also think when some actors are acting, it's not a far stretch from the real them.
When I've heard myself on recordings, I thought what an awful drunk not so funny guy.
The times I've seen myself on video, I can't believe that guy.
How to be natural? I think one's true nature is what they are all alone. When noone is watching, or when we think noone is watching, it's us.
When you're on a camera you don't see, there are no inhibitions.
When you know you're going to be seen, here's comes the act. But, is the act the real you too?