I'm trying to understand what I think of customers who can't return carts, even remotely close to a designated spot. I asked a coworker and he said he doesn't know what he thinks. He's an easy going nice guy. Just think like a cash and carry parking lot but it's not.
Okay, this is what I think. Okay you lazy fucks that can't return carts. Not even a little closer to the entrance or designated area. These carts are not shopping carts. These are sorta like HomeDepot carts but not really either. You can't even bring it 6ft from the cart return spot.
There are 2 types of you lazy asses. One, you'll leave the cart right next to your car. Although 10 ft away is all you gotta do to be courteous.
Or there's you that parks the furthest away spot you can find and leaves it 50 ft away. I guess there's also the ones that see me gathering these carts to sanitize, you have to see me doing it, then still are too lazy to be courteous. It's not a hustling parking lot either. Not too big. Many, many open spots. The number of open spots to ones taken is a 20 to 1 ratio.
I do not feel this falls under a customer is always right category. I also think as a customer the way you treat employees is how you'll treat a general stranger. And when you don't get your way then you pout.
We're all customers. We all have to serve someone else too. Yeah, do my job?
Fuck you lazy asses.
Especially after you'll see me lifting 50 pound shit to make sure your shit is in stock.
Fuck you.