To add a bit to the delivery driver debate....I go out at night and deliver food to hungry people. With at night I mean between the hours of 10 pm and 2 am.
Please turn on your porch light so I can identify your house in the dark, also don't forget to add the apartment number or the code to the condo's main entry when you type in your address. Tipping? Yes please! Keep in mind that I deliver food to you in my own car therefore I pay for the gas, so it's not like a driving for Amazon, UPS or FedEx situation (like some other person here compared it to). I also don't get an hourly wage. I feel that if you can't tip because you simply can't afford it, then the solution is to go and pick up the food yourself. Save yourself the money and save me the time and expense of delivering the food to you. You also don't go to a strip club if you can't afford to tip the dancers or go out and dine at a restaurant when you can't afford to tip your server. The majority of you tip and some of you tip well, thank you kindly for that, you are all appreciated! But if you feel like a decent tip is $1-$3 then you should rethink what a tip should be when a person delivers food to you while driving their own car to your location.