some people have suggested starting a nanny share or shared childcare with neighbors durring these shut downs. My response to this is this, the suggestion and idea only works for some families, but it completely overlooks families who live in crime ridden lower income neighborhoods.
I live in public housing, in an area of Portland that is infested with drugs, prostitution and neglectful or abusive parents. I have neighbors that lost all thier children to the fostercare system.
I'm not saying I'm better or above my neighbors, after all I live in poverty myself, but I am actively attending college and working part time. I cant rely on neighbors for childcare because my neighbors aren't the type of people I would ever leave my children with.
Before headstarts and schools closed, I relied on my colleges onsite all day early headstart which had actual teachers and classrooms facilitated with cameras! Now this place is closed until the governor says they can open. And peoples suggestion is to call on my neighbors?
All I can say is, thanks for the thought, but it doesn't work for everyone. We need schools open and headstart open as soon as it is safe to do so.