I didn't get my first smart phone until I was 24, back in 2014. I refused to buy into one because I felt that people were becoming slaves to social media and becoming disconnected from reality. One such attempt of a middle finger to smart phones, was when I purchased a stop watch in 2011. I could have bought a amart phone and used the timer on it, but I was hell bent at sticking to my belief.
I never used the stop watch though, it just stayed in my boxes of storage, and every time I moved, so did those boxes.
When I got the watch I set the alarm to 2 a.m. it would always go off at 2 a.m. every year since the alarm goes off. I dont know which box it's in, and I cant find it when I look, but it just goes off every night.
A light tick tick sound. And I wonder if my life depends on that alam like it now depends on my smart phone? What happens when the alrm stops going off because the battery finally died?
The alarm is also comforting because it reminds me of those days when I got it. When I was 21, back when Obama was in his first term. Back in 2011, when the most scary thing to happen was the Fukushima radiation pouring into the ocean.
The alarm is like a time capsul of a place I miss.
Tick tick.