Let's examine the motivations of the young white folks of Portland who feel the need to attend the nightly protests. I want to be clear that I'm definitely not siding with PPB. I don't think they are doing a good job. I think they are (largely) a group of thugs (aka good 'ol boys) many of whom are racist, and their tactics in dealing with the nightly protests are only serving to escalate and perpetuate the violence. It is pretty clear to me after residing in this city for nearly 2 decades that these tactics are in fact what gave birth to PDX Antifa in the first place.

I'm only saying that those who are attending the nightly protests might want to take a look at their individual values and motivation in attending. How many of you simply like a good brawl, for entertainment's sake? Are understandably bored, frustrated, or hate authority (in general, not in specific re: BLM) and are latching onto this movement as an outlet for your emotions? How many of you just want to party in the streets since all the bars are closed?

I'm not presenting anything as a "solution" here. That is not for me to decide. I just think that individual motivations in attending need to be examined because integrity still exists. I think that that examination can happen individually or across groups. The death of integrity means Trump is winning.