The typical liberal is nihilistic, lazy, and while pursuing Fine Arts degrees they took out tons of student loans to buy electric guitars, trips to Thailand, and REI clothes and now want Bernie to pick up the tab for them. See how that works? Generalizations and stereotypes are worse than useful, they are harmful. Cops are regular folks just like the rest of us. Some are bad, some are good, most just want to do their job and retire with a decent pension. If you attack all cops it might feel good right about now. But they'll just circle the wagons and you'll get nowhere. Pro tip: if you want reform, real reform, then you have to go after union contracts. Search for "Campaign Zero" for more information.


I dated an ex cop before. He suffered from PTSD because on the job he had witnessed countless incidences of seeing the aftermath of abused children, raped children even. He had seen dead infants caused by neglect and physical abuse!
I can say that the police have been a necessary part of my life on many occasions too. First being that if it weren't for the police, I would have never been kept safe from my abuser. I would have never been able to report when I had been raped either, nor would there have ever been a police officer present at the hearing to prosecute my rapist.
The guy I dated, he left the job because he couldn't take seeing so many hurt and dead children! He changed careers to become a chef.
They are not fragile.
It takes a strong person to go out to a call where someone is in danger. These protests and intermittent riots take attention needed to address the safety of children and vulnerable people, in order to address a bunch of people who never grew past adolescence.
Grow up.
You want change, it starts with getting into political positions and passing bills for a vote. Every night a fir e is set, or chaos occurs, another child is likely not getting the protection they need. Another victim of rape, likely is not getting the attention and care they need. Another domestic violent situation is not resolved quickly because you want to set off fireworks and yell names of the deceived instead of campaigning for bills to be placed on a ballot.

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