We came to Sauvie Island early to find that one spot with trees. Shade and such. We’ve been diligent about staying away from the general public these days. Pandemic and stupid people. But it was a birthday wish, a swim, we came for. I created a small perimeter in hopes of preventing those less observant from encroaching. It didn’t stop you and your entire extended family to take over. Whilst we were taking that swim. We noticed and returned. You and yours pretended we, a cancer survivor celebrating her birthday and her immigrant veteran they/them didn’t exist. Nothing new to either of us.
We began to pack while you were corralling your vector spawns. Suddenly, you uttered that you HOPED your obviously passive aggressive occupation wasn’t the reason for our departure. Birthday celebrating cancer survivor courageously said that in fact it was.
You then proudly used your own child as a valid reason for your actions. Because it needed shade, along with the extended family.
In case you didn’t hear me:
Your externally developing emissions aren’t more important or deserving of safety than I or my partner are. Next time ask before revealing to your entire entourage what a huge coward you are. Or come earlier. Or come with something to make shade you irresponsible douchebag.
And yes, I used “fuck”, I’m paraphrasing.