Some big man came walking into shop our store with his chin guard on. He wanted to know where some juice was. I was walking with him to go look but because of his exposed orifices on his face I said I didn't wanna get too close. I don't wanna be the overly paranoid type but I've been a germaphobe long before this virus, and never really want to stand right next to someone unless I know them anyway.
But he goes you scared man. You afraid to die. The government got you. He went on and on to my retorts. Nothing to do with the government. Btw anyone that says government is the reason behind something is a dumbass idiot that doesn't know shit. I tried explaining all the airborne particles just from talking. Btw, have you sat in your house in the certain light that reveals all the still, floating dust lingering in the air. It's everywhere, hovering, 24/7. He didn't get it. On and on about scared and government. These idiots. It's not hard. It's respectful. It's a few minutes of your life in the store. Or you can be an idiot that would get kicked off their flight and lose out on your vacation because it infringes on your constitution and rights. Also screw condoms and seatbelts, right. If I had been the manager which he knows, he would comply.
Also if you wear a chin strap, you look even dumber sporting that look than everyone else. Idiot baby children.