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Please promptly learn how to safely and responsibly use that firearm, or sell it. Learn the legality of the situations it creates and diffuses.

You have become what you hate, an emotionally driven, uneducated gun owner. Stop being a hypocrite and respect the massive responsibility you just purchased. The rest of us, that you call a “hill billy” are responsible and better educated on firearms than you are. We aren’t actually a threat to anyone but those who intend us harm.

If you don’t respect the duty you have to practice extreme discipline and restraint when your ego gets bumped, then you’re a liability to yourself and others around you.

Free doesn’t mean safe. You can’t legislate intent. You have to put on your big boy/girl pants and deal with the uncomfortable reality of personal defense.


It's easy to buy a gun. I've been in the military and I was a gun owner after that for years. I understand the bias against them. However, it is your Second Amendment right. And maybe you are on to something to be concerned. I have one modest request for anyone who purchases a weapon: TAKE A GOD DAMNED WEAPON SAFETY CLASS. Clackamas County offers a good one. Their PS training center has partially reopened and you can take all kinds of self defense training classes. Don't be like those idiots who wave 'em around or stuff 'em down their pants without the safety on and then they go off in a crowded movie theater. Get yourself some TRAINING. You will not be able to hit the side of a barn if you're in a real situation. You will be freaked out and stressed out and will probably end up shooting yourself. TAKE A GUN SAFETY CLASS.

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