There's only one songwriter that I'll ever watch full livestreams on. He's also the same guy that I've spent a lot of money to go see him, struggle to get there, and miss two other days of the entire festival he's in. He's the same guy I've travelled to Texas, Nevada, WA, California, and NY for. Only him. I belong to a "fan" group on Facebook. "Fan" groups are just as ridicolous as Facebook. I keep hanging on for the "special moment."
In this fan group, fits and complaints, sometimes debates and arguments are made for the ones who talk during "normal" live shows, or use phones too.
In this fan group, there's a couple people without a doubt will post what they created during his livestreams.
During his livestreams, you can comment. Some people will have conversations.
This is my point. How can you watch the show if you are commenting? How can you watch the show if you are drawing, painting, or looking at your phone?
Isn't this the same as talking during a live show?
Or is the difference the respect to the performer live in person versus a livestream? Or a difference between paying for a ticket or free livestream, tips encouraged? No need to get money's worth?
This is what social media and technology has done. No focus, no attention span. No one's ever in the moment, except me. I want to learn from my heroes and respect them in person and a livestream. And it's not about me in person, or a livestream.