I, Anonymous Aug 30, 2020 at 12:10 pm



un-bunch your panties, sir or madam. Just because the fringes make good headlines doesn’t mean they have a majority.


And I’d maintain that in this case, and at this point in time, history is not destined to repeat itself. Unless of course we are all so conditioned by social media (and the impact it has had on all forms of media) to crave conflict, polarization, and real-life reality T.V. to the point where we abandon all forms of reason in favor of our self-serving need for excitement and thereby cease to write our own storyline, instead playing into the one already written by a corrupt, oppressive, masochistic foreign power who is currently laughing maniacally and twiddling his thumbs as this drama unfolds?


I'll tell you when. Pro tip: it has to go way beyond far left and far right militants taking shots at each other.

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