I never been really a birthday celebrator, mine or others. I go to others I been invited too. I help anyone celebrate if they say it's their birthday. Mine, I never say anything. It's hidden on Facebook. There constant reminders on Facebook of friend's bdays. I might have wished a happy one back in the day. I not active so if I miss a week, I miss a week of birthday reminders. I figure, what's the point. It's all so predicatable. Friends wish a happy birthday, the birthday person writes a big heartfelt show of love and gratitude. It's barf. I remember a few family's birthdays and try to take attention to those other family I don't remember that I want to wish a happy birthday too. I remember my dad saying something like, the older you get, the less you care, the less you celebrate. Maybe true, but maybe false too. I just had a birthday. There was gonna be no celebration but the time leading up to it, I was aware. The day came and went. I got some birthday texts. And there is something to take notice to. That what my dad said was untrue. Because just like when Halloween comes, then Thanksgiving, Christmas, the New Year, when it's done, it is so very anticlimatic. You mean I gotta live another year of life? So, there is something that I want to be special though I don't know the kind of people to make it special. Also, I have attitude of it's not special. But it would be nice when someone does know a birthday and tries to make some effort. I attribute my birthday to the day my mom and dad conceived me so it's not about me but them.