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Well I don't know about biblical epics but how about getting back to peaceful #BLM protests and pushing for Campaign Zero reforms of police union contracts? And arresting the violent kids who have hijacked #BLM for their own mattress-burning-because-I'm-clueless agenda? Because right now the destructive protesters are doing way more harm than good. They might as well be working for the Trump Campaign.


Arrest the violent people and keep them in jail. I’m sick of it. It hasn’t been about BLM for a LONG time.


FWIW "Arrest the violent people and keep them in jail" should apply to the cops too; like DJT, they are not above the law. Once that happens, things might just change.


Violence begets violence. We know that violence is occurring at the BLM protests. What we don't know are the motivations of the violent actors. Sure some are in fact working for the Trump administrations benefit, and some are just opportunistic anarchists. However who they are and what their motives are, at this point, isn't relevant anymore.

The violent actors are dominating public opinion about BLM. Yes it is true that the Police Unions and indeed Trump supporters want the protestors to go away and keep quiet so the status quo can continue, but continuing the BLM Protests is enabling Trump to falsely claim he is a "law and order" President opposed to unchecked violence in Democratic "held" cities.

For the time being the protests are counter productive to the cause of Justice. How to fix that without enabling Trump to frame BLM as the enemy? Sit. Peacefully sit and refuse to move from the legal public spaces in protest. Yes you're going to be abused, attacked, and arrested, but isn't that the point? To draw attention to unwarranted violence escalation by Police. Let the national news show the police violence you're against, rather than the violence committed by the Proud Boys and Patriot Prayers pretending to be BLM and starting trouble. If the only people not sitting are the ones committing violence, won't it be easier for BLM to disassociate itself with violent infiltrators of the cause?


Yeah Ted’s got a hard job, trying to allow for peaceful protest and agitation for change while keeping some sense of order and avoiding property destruction and loss of life. But he’s not doing so great. 100+ days of protests. Numerous riots declared. 1 death. Maybe it’s time for a new mayor that can handle the situation.
PS the violent and destructive protesters are going to get Trump re-elected.

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